Welcome!!                                               We hold separate Natural and Glitz events and award great prizes! All of our Sparkle Girl contestants leave with a special gift and a big smile! Join us today for a "Celebration of Total Beauty!!!

     Winning starts here!

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    See you on the runway at our
    "Disco Diva" natural pageant!!                                                                       

Sparkle Girl Pageants:
-LOW All-Inclusive fees
-THREE Grand Supremes
-Many chances to win
-NICE Gifts for ALL girls
-Afternoon Pageants
-ALL Girls receive our Diamond-design Crown or Princess Tiara
-Our Gifts are age-appropriate and thoughtful

             Come and experience a "Celebration of Total Beauty!" 

                    Join us Sunday October 21st 
                                  at 2:00 p.m.
                            for "GLITZY GOULS"
                          Pineville/Charlotte N.C.

See our designed-by-us diamond design Crowns and MUCH more on our album page. Join us for a rewarding, fun-filled pageant experience.  See you on the runway!!!

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